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Celestial’s Academy Support Network

To make a prosperous performance centre that can guide and support each player and mentors to realise their potential, the coaching team should recognize and take advantage of numerous chances, engaging with various external organisations and people to construct healthy and enduring relationships. We intend to conduct INTER ACADEMY EXCHANGE PROGRAM between CELESTIAL’Sand BATTS ATHLETICS academy (located in Canada).This will not only give a great exposure to all the players from both academies but will also boost the confidence and help them learn new skills by having a chance to play with players from other countries.

Video Analysis

All players are motivated to watch video footage of themselves, elites, opponents, youngsters and their beloved top stars. Envision the next steps fundamental and strengthen their inspiration.

Individual Review

Our coaches take time and sit down with every player to assist them with reflecting and examining progress. The style and profundity of this individual review will contrast for every squad and player. All Celestial’s academy players have personal development goals and a clear understanding of how to accomplish them within a set time period.